My Hypnobirthing Journey. . .

I first discovered hypnobirthing in 2004 when pregnant with my first daughter. I always expected that I would need a caesarean section, having been brought up with my mother’s birth stories, and was happy with that. When I was told at around 6 months pregnant I was able to have a natural birth I was completely terrified!

While watching some documentaries on birth a short film came on about one woman's experience of hypnobirthing. The woman had previously had two horrendous births but the film showed a calm, serene labour and a very happy mother. Google was immediately consulted and research was conducted into this wonderful birthing method!

At that time there were only a few places to train so I dragged my husband Stuart along for a weekend retreat, which we couldn’t afford, not knowing what we were letting ourselves in for. The course was nothing like we expected (no clucking like chickens or swinging pendulums!) and we came away with a whole new perspective on birth.

We went on to use hypnobirthing methods very successfully for one hospital birth and two home births. (read more on my birthing stories here) Since then I have been evangelical about hypnobirthing and have provided support and information for family, friends and clients desiring a more positive, calm birth. In 2011 I trained with the inspiring Katharine Graves, founder of KG Hypnobirthing, which is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. I have worked closely with Katharine to ensure that the course we teach is up-to-date, evidence based and relevant to birthing within the UK.

I have seen the difference that KGHypnobirthing makes in my own birthing experiences and of those that I have introduced to KGH. The techniques that I will teach you will give you the tools to have the positive, empowering, calm and comfortable birth that is right for you.

"William was born at 11.42. Mum and baby well. One vaginal exam, one (v. Good) student midwife and 0 pain relief! Thank you! Baby is very calm. Thank you for helping us achieve our perfect birth!"

- Owen and Roya

Nancy Keen

BSc (Hons) DipHB (KGH)

“Nancy Keen is a trusted and senior member of the KG Hypnobirthing training team. She is very knowledgeable, and she transfers the information in a logical, accessible and entertaining way. You will love her class. Highly recommended.’

                           Katharine Graves, Founder of KGH

With over 15 years of experience preparing parents-to-be for birth, I teach a course that parents and midwives recommend.

As senior trainer for KG Hypnobirthing in the UK  I am responsible for teaching midwives and future KG Hypnobirthing trainers and have an outstanding reputation within the medical field for my knowledge and experience.

When I am not teaching up and down the country I holds a select number of one to one courses and group sessions in the home counties.

In addition to my KG Hypnobirthing diploma I hold a BSc in Psychology and Biology and recognise the importance of both psychology and physiology in the KG Hypnobirthing training. Before becoming a Hypnobirthing practitioner I spent 10 years in the teaching profession.