"For anyone that is, like me, a bit sceptical then PLEASE get over those first initial thoughts and enrol in the course. Nancy is a fantastic teacher and I can't recommend her enough.'

- Proud Daddy of Millie ...Read his full story here...

"I was so glad I did the hypnobirthing course as Nancy made me realise that birth is an amazing, natural experience which can be approached with confidence and positivity.'

- Kristel ...Read her full story here...

"I recommended Birth Right Hypnobirthing and I am the proof of having control during my labour that was relaxing, easy going and with best result even for VAGINAL BREECH labour. Looking forward for my next pregnancy as we would like to have more babies.'

- Olga ...Read her full story here...

"I have been inspired by hypno birthing and am now such a believer in its power I am planning to undertaking the training to become a hypno birthing trainer myself.' 

-Vicki ...read her full story here...

"We wanted to say a big, big thank you for your fabulous course, knowledge and the positive thinking! It’s really given us a boost towards getting the birth that we are planning. Now the homework starts and practice. Exciting times ahead and feeling empowered!"

- Helen and Paul  ...Read their full story here...

"The hypnobirthing experience allowed us to share the emotions and allow our baby to enter the world serenely and safely.'

- Bryanne and Ewan...Read their full story here

- Bryanne and Brody...Read their full story here

"Nancy's belief in the techniques and the fact she has used hypnobirthing with all three children instils further confidence that you can do it too... and I did!'

- Polly...Read her full story here

"My labour with our first child was very traumatic and not an experience I would like to repeat as I was induced and had a few complications as a result. On finding out we were expecting our second child we decided to complete a hypnobirthing course, it was one of the best decisions we made, Nancy thank you so much for all your help, time and patience!'

- Julie...Read her full story here

"You taught me the confidence to speak out for what was right for Gemma and saved her from an episiotomy when I was able to request the ventouse be used without a cut. Sufficed to say Gemma birthed vaginally with NO rips or tears and no stitches.'

- Gary...Read his full story here

"My wife was very frightened and scared of needles let alone birth! The sessions from home were personal and catered to us and our needs. Following the sessions my wife became calm and prepared for the birth of our child.'

- Giles...Read his full story here

"As a delivery suite midwife it is a true privilege to be with families as they welcome a new addition and meet them for the first time! I have been lucky enough to have worked alongside couples who have used hypnobirthing during labour and it is a technique that should not be underestimated..'

- Emma (Registered Midwife)...Read her full story here

"We have a gorgeous little girl 6lbs 8oz. For myself and my husband, neither of us would've got through our 40 hour birth without you empowering us with the right questions and knowledge and for me 40 hours of waves without needing medication!"

- Amy ...Read her full story here

"The breathing techniques were a god send, coupled with the affirmations and the extensive new knowledge it was the most fantastic experience I will ever know.!"

- Super Moon Baby - Luna... read her full story here

"Thank you so much Nancy for helping us to have such a wonderful birth experience."

- Arun

"We had a lovely little baby girl on Saturday evening. She was born at home and did all the work herself. I cannot believe how amazing the techniques you taught us proved to be. We had a wonderful birth! xx"

- Emma

"Hi Nancy, we had a baby girl born on the 3rd, 8lbs 8oz, paracetamol was all I had, everything went perfectly - labour started properly around 5.30 in the morning, went into hospital around 7.30, 3 hours later job done :-). Thanks for all your help x"

- Rachael

"Hypnobirthing also gave my husband a crucial role during labour and beforehand which brought us closer."

- Tash

"The hypnobirthing techniques really paid off and I went through the whole labour just using a TENS machine and gas and air at the end. Unfortunately, due to other complications during the final stages, I had to have forceps and episiotomy but I didn't have the need for any anaesthetic! We would like to say a big thank you to you for your support and, of course, for the classes!'

- Anna & Ciaran

"Just finished off my last session with the wonderful, informative and insightful Nancy Birthright Keen...Cant thank her enough for the knowledge she has passed on so I’m prepared for labour physically and emotionally...Cant recommend her enough. Pass the word around and I’m proud to be a Hypo-birthing mummy xxx.'

- Helen 

"Very quick labour at home and pushed for 3 hours so decided to go for forceps to help him giggle down. A totally amazing experience and stayed calm and focused throughout with our Hypnobirthing. Feeling totally blessed with our little ray of sunshine and thank you for everything. It was the most amazing day of our lives!"

- Holly and Jacob

"The hypnobirthing techniques allowed me to feel calm and in control throughout my labour."

- Susie

"Today is world hypnobirthing day!

It’s not a weird hippy thing. It’s factual, biologically and anatomically correct and teaches you everything about birth that school failed to tell us.

It expels fear and myths, gives you full understanding of what actually happens, your birth rights and options, gives your partner a practical role, talks you through different scenarios and what to expect, fills you with confidence and gives you a whole heap of mental and practical tools to give you the best birth experience whatever your journey. It’s non bias, non judgmental and helps you make informed and responsible decisions about YOUR body and YOUR baby’s birth. Most importantly, you can ask all those questions you’ve always been worried to ask! I found most of my worries were complete nonsense based on other people’s sensationalised stories and dramatic film and tv scenes!

I couldn’t have done it without hypnobirthing, it means everything. Don’t think it’s not for you? Its simply the way birth should be, not how the media and television tells us with screaming women and drama. It’s just normal, calm and getting you in control of what your body needs to do to get your beautiful baby here. Do a bit of research and I hope this helps some nervous mamas and daddy’s to be xxx.'

- Holly