KG Hypnobirthing Classes - June 16/17th

Nervous about giving birth? Want to be prepared, but not sure where to start? Given birth before but want it to be different this time? KG Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal birth preparation course, which helps you feel confidence about pregnancy, choices in birth and parenthood too. Having taught hypnobirthing for many years I understand that the worst thing about hypnobirthing is the word 'hypno'birthing itself! It tends to conjure images of stage hypnosis - clucking like chickens, being out of control, doing daft things. Hypnobirthing is NOT stage hypnosis. The 'hypno' is derived from hypnotherapy, which we use in two ways; firstly to get into a deep state of relaxation, and s

Hypnobirth? But I had a caesarean?

One of the biggest misconceptions about Hypnobirthing is that: "If you use Hypnobirthing you have to have a drug free, natural birth". When using KGHypnobirthing many mums DO have drug free, natural births, but some do not. Some mums have inductions, some have forceps or ventouse, some have planned caesarean births and others have emergency caesareans. And they are STILL HYPNOBIRTHING BIRTHS. What?! REALLY? YES. Lets rewind a little. First of all Hypnobirthing isn’t a ‘thing’. We don’t have a hypnobirth when we have our baby/babies. What we do is we use Hypnobirthing techniques for the birth of our baby. This might seem to be the same thing, but let me clarify. If we think of a Hypnobirthing

MAMA Conference 2018

This weekend I am honoured to be part of the 8th Mama Conference in Glasgow. This is a wonderful annual event where midwives, mums, doulas and other birth professionals come together to share information and build networks. I am here representing KGH, giving out books and letting others know about hypnobirthing and how it can help them. I love being at conferences, it is a great opportunity to talk to other people who work in maternity, all with the passion for making it better for mums, babies and families. Most of today has been spent talking about hypnobirthing to midwives, who have seen it in practice, but are not sure what it’s all about. The same questions come up over and again, and t

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