Emma and Hazel

Excerpts from Emma's blog entry for the birth of Hazel

New Birth August 20, 2013 9:05 pm

I'm taking an extended holiday from my blog. I've had a beautiful little baby girl named Hazel Melody, so now I have two little people running me ragged and I've decided that right now is not the time.

Hazel was born right here in our front room at home on 6 April with just myself (obvs), Ant and our calm and wonderful midwife Karen, who arrived with 20 minutes to spare, present for the birth.

I am delighted that I was able to have a natural, drug-free birth at home, having spent the day enjoying the sunshine with my family. I was having contractions on and off throughout the day as we visited Waddesdon Manor in the morning, played at the adventure playground and had lunch in the stables cafe. In the afternoon we dropped Violet off with her Grandma and Grandpa for a sleepover and popped in to the supermarket on the way home. Ant cooked me a healthy, hearty meal whilst I spent an hour doing some yoga and gathering my thoughts. After dinner, we had a short walk down the road and when we got home I could feel that things were really starting to get going. I asked Ant to bring me a bowl of chocolate ice-cream and stick an episode of The Royle Family on Netflix and we said that we'd try to get some sleep afterwards, but the ice cream didn't get eaten and I finally decided that now was the time to contact the midwife.

Until then I'd been very reluctant to have a midwife present, as I was determined that I did not want to be examined over and over again and told each time I managed to dilate a centimetre. Too disheartening. I was convinced my progress would be slow, as it had been when I had Violet. And whilst I did have a natural and drug-free birth with Violet, it was slow and difficult and we ended up in hospital through sheer exhaustion and fear.

Karen arrived 20 minutes after Anthony called, bringing with her an aura of calm and positivity, and Hazel arrived 20 minutes after that. It was, quite honestly, a beautiful and happy experience and Hazel is a super-smiley and relaxed little baby and I suffered no complications, which I do attribute in no small part to following Hypnobirthing techniques and the feeling of empowerment that gave us.

Love and light, Emma

p.s If anyone is interested in learning about Hypnobirthing, we used the techniques and scripts from Katharine Graves, and were taught by the most fabulous woman, Nancy Keen, who teaches up and down the country, but who is fortunately based in Aylesbury and who battled sleet, freezing fog and blizzards in order to get to our house and impart her wisdom to us. What an angel!