Proud Daddy of Millie, his story...


When my Wife first told me that she was interested in Hypnobirthing my first reaction was 'why do we need to do that, it sounds a bit silly' and really not for me. We had had children before and not needed this.

After agreeing to it and listening to my wife explain in a bit more detail why she wanted to take part in the course I understood it more.

When we met Nancy for the first time she could not have been more friendly and certainly put any doubts I had to bed and I really got engrossed in the course itself.

Straight away I could see the benefits that it was going to have for our labour and pregnancy. My wife and I worked at these and I can honestly say that the techniques we learnt really made my wife relax more and definitely felt more in control of the labour itself.

As a man who has had a baby before, this time I felt a lot more useful and I could really help my wife get into her hypno bubble using all the techniques that I had learnt.

The labour went smoothly and my wife was very much in control of the situation. I felt like I had contributed well and really helped in the whole labour.

For anyone that is, like me, a bit sceptical then PLEASE get over those first initial thoughts and enrol in the course. Nancy is a fantastic teacher and I can't recommend her enough.