Olga's birthing story...


A Vaginal Breech with Hypnobirthing

My name is Olga , I am 33 years old, married for 2 years. I am from Slovakia, living in UK for 7 years. I'm coming from big family where my mum and dad are married for 51 years and they have got 12 children (I'm number 11) and 26 grand children. My husband Lubko is also from complete family and his parents are married for 36 years and they have got 3 boys and 3 grand children. It means that I chose to live old fashion way family where the child is gift and come naturally with married life. Living and working very hard both of us in UK allowed us to settle down nice standard life, bought our little house and enjoy our marriage life as much as we can - holiday, travel, car. So we decided to have a baby.

At the beginning my only concern was if I should have my labour her in UK or I should go back to Slovakia for better health care. I found out that I'm pregnant in January 2014 that was our plan to have a baby in September 2014. As I started to have more interest about pregnancy and labour I started to collect as many information as I can about labour in UK from my friends experience. What was really not nice to hear was all the horrible stories. I decided to prepare myself as good as I can and tried to find out something positive about it. As I have 6 sisters I couldn't believe that labour is such a bad experience at the end of pregnancy.

I visited my midwife, go for visit in hospital, go for NHS antenatal classes and read the books and internet. And I found a positive experience of labour in BIRTH RIGHT HYPNOBIRTHING review. The little light in the darkness. Of course my husband was telling me that is all about "taking money off me". And that he will not come with me for the session. I didn't mind if he wasn't keeping me company on NHS classes but with this session I was insisting he come with me. Already after one session he changed his mind. Everything that we were told by Nancy made a sense. So I was absolutely delighted and my husband, too.

In my 34th week my midwife told me that I have couple of health condition that is effecting my labour /birth plan. Like Gestational Diabetes, Rh-, my baby was breech with extended legs for couple of weeks. So she suggested to me to have ECV (external cephalic version) in 36 weeks, induction at 38 weeks and for safe delivery C section. All these 3 things I didn't want to have.

At 35 weeks I went to hospital for another ultrasound scan. Again baby was breech with expended legs, saw my diabetes expert, and obstetrics outpatient appointment where after checking me up I asked her if there is any chance that my baby will turn head down. She was shocked "what?" checked me again. "Oh, yes your baby is breech. You will need to make appointment for ECV" - just like a statement not option for me. But because I had already my 3 hypnobirthing sessions I wasn't worried about the plan because I knew "It is completely my choice".

It was this time I was believing that "my baby  know the best when it is ready to come" and " our baby  is clever baby" ( I had pictures in my bathroom and kitchen as a part of hypno session to remind me). It was our 2nd anniversary so we decided to go for long weekend in Cardiff, where we enjoyed walking, visiting a castle, SPA, hot jacuzzi and big swimming pool and have some relaxing time together. We came back home to Aylesbury on Monday 25th August and we had a lovely dinner with our friend. Next day Tuesday 26th August I woke up as usual at 5h30, have my shower and go to work. I started at work at 6h30 and I need to go to toilet one, twice... at 8am we had a meeting and after, when I sat down, my water broke up. I felt a little gush. I went to toilet again and I felt I did a lot of "wee". So I packed myself and saw my team leader, telling her that need to go home as my water broke.. She was in panic but I told her I got it under my control. With my husband we came home, packed my bag for hospital, had a shower and called the midwife. Saying to her just 4 things, 'Mrs Sestakova, 36 weeks, baby is breech and my water broke." Her answer was: 'Labour ward."

So we went to hospital at 9h30 and they were wondering why we did come as I was looking happy and ok. So they took all the information and let me in a corner bed with my husband. Then I was dancing around this bed and I realized that every 5 mins I got this wave and when I do my breathing the water was pouring down. Later they asked me to lie down for check up, they put me on monitoring and later came doctor with the scan. She found out that my baby is breech. And my option is C section in this case. Then she walked away.

I was left by myself so I did my breathing and I felt to push so I tried to be relaxed and came another wave so I did push and something came out of me. I called midwife to have a look. And she started panicking at the end she pressed the alarm button. So, we went to Theatre as I was fully dilated. So they just told me to do my breathing. So when I felt the tension coming from my right side I started to use down breath and push. And for relaxing time I used up breath. Even if doctor asked me to push I replied "not now" and continued on breathing and I was telling them if my waves were coming .Later the doctor said to have an episiotomy because of baby's safety. So I agreed and she made a little cut. When the baby was born they just put on my hospital pyjamas this 'piece of meat" and I thought this is not 'skin to skin". They took the baby on side with my husband, the doctor asked me to push for placenta and she started to do some stitches.

They brought my baby girl back to me and we went to the ward. So quick, so relieved and so relaxed for my labour, I couldn't believe it. My water broke up at 8am at work, I was in hospital at 9h30 and my baby girl was born 13h21. The labour was 69 minutes. She is a little bundle of pure joy for us just 2200g.

I went to visit my work place on Monday 1st September 2014. My work colleagues couldn't believe how happy, really good looking and smiley I am. 1st September is day when my maternity leave started and I have already little princess to look after at home. Today is 6th September 2014, Saturday 7am I am breastfeeding my baby girl and at the same time I'm writing my story.

My husband was a great support for me and he did a big job to keep my happy and safe. He is even before and now more tired than me. My little episiotomy cut healed up clearly and without any pain or problem. I didn't have any pain killers from beginning till today as I was just happy and enjoying my new role as a mum. I am very active and have lots of energy to look after my baby and my husband. I met my friends and told them my story of how easy the labour was. There is no time for pain or screaming. That just relax, breath and push is needed.

So, I do recommended Birth Right Hypnobirthing and I am the proof of having control during my labour that was relaxing, easy going and with best result even for VAGINAL BREECH labour. Looking forward for my next pregnancy as we would like to have more babies.