Helen and James's birthing story...

Our son was born at the Wycombe birth centre on Friday 29th Aug  and weighed a little 6 pounds 11. He is perfect, such a pleasure to be with, and we are thoroughly enjoying getting to know him!

The hypnotherapy was very very helpful, although not in quite the way we had envisaged! Basically, in the morning of the 29th I had sporadic surges, me and James were both really relaxed, I was bouncing on my ball and we were watching the Hobbit on DVD. They were still far a part, and with a bit of up breathing were completely fine. They seemed to be slowing down, so I went for a shower, and the surges seemed a bit more intense... James then went for a shower, and they got really intense, and I had the distinct feeling that we needed to leave NOW!

They were v v intense in the car, and we only got through them using the counting and visualising..... when we arrived at Wycombe I was fully dilated and my waters broke.... poor Sam must have not liked the intensity of it all, and there was a lot of meconium in the waters. The midwife's seemed v concerned- we're still not quite sure why as his heart rate was stable, and they told me I had to push him out now! I did use the visualising  a bit, but because they told me I had to push rather than breathe, it was more a case of sheer determination.... they were very keen to get him out immediately, so they had to cut me, and he was out in about 20 minutes total- no gas and air, paracetamol or anything! It was all very intense.... I got to have him skin to skin immediately which was amazing, but they insisted on clamping the cord which was very disappointing, and then I hemorrhaged, so they had to transfer us by ambulance to Stoke... so I didn't get to hold him long.  

Despite it all going not to plan, I think I stayed pretty relaxed, as did James and Sam..... we were just so happy that he was here with us!

The first week was quite hard, we had real problems breast feeding- partly cause of my loss of blood, I didn't have much milk, but also Sam had a tongue tie. We got it fixed, but he's still not sure how to use his tongue. So, I'm expressing, and have gradually built up my supply, and can now pump 100ml which is enough to feed him! So pleased, as we were so unhappy giving him formula in the early days. We are still persisting with practicing the breast feeding, and have gone to the clinics and received loads of support. I'm not sure if it is going to happen or not, but at least I can feed him my milk either way!

This summary makes it all sound a bit negative, but it really isn't..... its been tough, but it's also been absolutely wonderful, and all the calm, positive statements we practiced have really helped us get through and continue to enjoy it despite the changes of plan!

Many thanks again Nancy for all your help.... the hypnotherapy made what could have been a bit of a nightmare, seem much more under our control and has kept us and Sam calm and happy! 
Helen x