Polly and Thomas

"I love hypnobirthing so hope it converts a few more people too."

So I was out for a coffee in Marlow with a friend and I had just ordered some food and when ordering a smoothie joked to the cafe owner whether she had any smoothies that might induce labour (seriously I actually did!). After finishing my BLT panini, and downing two fruit smoothies, my waters broke! And boy did I know it! That was at 3pm and things happened pretty speedily from then.

I called the hospital from the cafe and I was to go in for assessment. Rich started making his way home from work at this point too. The friend I was with drove me home and I'm so glad she did because I started having surges in the car! I used my Up Breathing at this point and visualised 'opening' which ensured I relaxed and made these intial surges fine to cope with. I was able to chat to my friend in between them but was quiet whilst they were happening. I'd say they were probably 5-6 minutes apart.

At home the surges had increased in intensity and I started feeling uncomfortable. I spent a while trying different positions on the bathroom floor but nothing was really working. When Rich got home I transferred into the backseat of the car and lay on my side. Rich started our hypnobirthing visualisations and took me off to my 'safe place'. This was just what I needed and I was able to get back to a realxed state and felt much more focussed. Rich timed the surges and by the time we were approaching the hospital they were about 3 minutes apart. I felt focussed, in control and went 'within myself'.

At hospital I used my breathing through the surges and just wanted to be left alone laying on my side on the bed. I was very quiet and felt calm and in control. The student midwife explained she would assess me and expect to find me 2cm dilated and then send me home. I thought, "Yeah, right! There's no way you'll be sending me home buddy!" I could already feel things had progressed. Low and behold the midwife said I was 4cms dilated, which increased to 5cm during a surge so she said I would need to stay in the birthing centre (I didn't say 'I told you so!'). From there I took some gas and air, and by 8pm I started doing those crazy bearing down noises when you start feeling the need to push! The midwife told me it was too soon to push but when she examined me I was fully dilated!

So then we got into the pushing stage. This went on for a while but I kept giving it all I had. Rich was plying me with glucose tablets and energy drinks as this stage went on for a while. My surges had become weaker for some reason and they took the gas and air away from me probably to try and make me feel them more I assume? There was a change over of staff and they started to wonder what needed to be done. Baby was ok but was not coming out! They transferred me to the labour ward in a wheelchair (which was not comfortable!). At this point I had been pushing for 2 1/2 hoursbut I still felt I could keep going using my Down Breathing techniques with the support of my husband. At this point the doctor asked whether I 'wanted some help' and with an episiotomy and ventouse little Thomas was born at 10.23pm. The total time from waters breaking was 7 1/2 hours!

I felt in control the whole time, even throught he lengthy pushing stage. Using the hypnobirthing techniques during the labour itself ensured I kept relaxed and worked with my body rather than against it. Possibly, more importantly to me, hypnobirthing allowed me to feel confident that I would be able to give birth to my little boy safely and calmy during the build up to the big event. As a result, I can say (and did say straight afterwards too. . .my husband will vouch for that) that is was an amazing life experience!