Gary and Gabe

Well as of 07:31 this morning we were proud parents again. It was a three day struggle and one which ended in an assisted birth in hospital. I have never been so tired and relieved something is over. Gemma was amazing but faced with a catalogue of complications with both her and the baby, not least pre-eclampsia, the baby was born vaginally with the help of ventouse. I would still like to thank you though as the only times we felt in control and relaxed was when I was assisting Gemma with your hypnobirthing techniques and reading scripts from our folder with relaxation music on in the room.

There was lots of interest in the hypnobirthing but we managed to keep out unwanted distractions until complications happened. Everyone loved reading our birthing plan.

You taught me the confidence to speak out for what was right for Gemma and saved her from an episiotomy when I was able to request the ventouse be used without a cut. Sufficed to say Gemma birthed vaginally with NO rips or tears and no stitches.

So no home birth and no peaceful intervention free birth but sometimes events conspire against you and you just have to go with what you can get.