Julie and Bess

My labour with our first child was very traumatic and not an experience I would like to repeat as I was induced and had a few complications as a result. On finding out we were expecting our second child we decided to complete a hypnobirthing course, it was one of the best decisions we made, Nancy thank you so much for all your help, time and patience!

After a bit of slightly high blood pressure towards the end of my pregnancy the consultants wanted to induce our second labour the day after my due date, after one experience of this we refused as we didn't feel it was necessary and neither myself or babe was at risk. A few days later and more refusals on our parts, although we did agree to be monitored regularly to be on the safe side, I went in to natural labour. Well, I would call it labour but one consultant was adamant it was not as I was able to talk through a contraction! This was us using hypnobirthing techniques to help. The consultant still wanted to induce me, we refused again as I could feel my labour progressing and was not ready to let go of control of my labour. We asked several questions to ensure we were making the right decision and stuck to our plan of not being induced.....12 minutes later and a walk to the ward our beautiful second daughter entered the world!

Hypnobirthing was fantastic and helped us learn so much about labour and not fear it second time round after a horrendous first experience, we stuck to our plan as we felt it was safe to do so and are pleased that we listened to my body and had a much better labour and birth second time round.