A midwife's view

As a delivery suite midwife it is a true privilege to be with families as they welcome a new addition and meet them for the first time! I have been lucky enough to have worked alongside couples who have used hypnobirthing during labour and it is a technique that should not be underestimated. Hypnobirthing not only provides effective pain relief but also facilitates a more successful labour.

Birth can be a daunting prospect for all women whether a first time mum or a more experienced mum. I have seen hypnobirthing used to give couples a truly wonderful birthing experience, an experience where mum has felt truly in control and empowered in her birthing abilities. Hypobirthing teaches the ability to remain calm and focused whilst letting your body birth your baby, it is also a great way of including your birthing partner in the birth. Babies born this way are calmer and happier and feed much more readily, it really is an amazing thing to watch!

The foundation of hypnobirthing techniques are based in sound scientific fact. The body has to work incredibly hard during labour and any fear, apprehension or tiredness increases muscle tension, this makes the muscles work harder and increases pain levels accordingly. The ability to break the tension cycle through contractions will help you to let go of any apprehension, reduce pain levels and let your body work effectively. Studies have demonstrated that couples using hypnobirthing techniques had fewer requirements for epidurals, less incidence of caesarean section and a greater sense of satisfaction following delivery.

Time and time again I have seen this be used successfully and truly believe in the method, so much so I am considering becoming a hypnobirthing teacher myself and improving my midwifery skills!

E Gymer (Registered Midwife)