Hypnobirthing .. . .hypno-what now?

Hi! I’m Nancy. Mum of three insanely loud, crazy children. Wife to an insanely loud, crazy husband. And founder of Birth Right Hypnobirthing.

13 years ago, almost exactly, as it happens, I was coming to the end of my pregnancy with my first child. Things had been smooth going. I was one of those jammy ones who’d had no morning sickness and my biggest gripe was that my bump was so little that I had to stick my tummy out to try and convince everyone I was actually pregnant!

I waltzed through the first half of pregnancy glibly announcing to the world that my baby would be born via c-section, as my mum had had to have sections with both my sister and me. I was happy with this. I’d be numb, I wouldn’t feel a thing, it was easy.

At around 7 months I was given an x-ray (I know! Wouldn’t get one of those nowadays!) to check for the physical anomaly my mother had. At this x-ray the radiographer casually said, ” Oooh, isn’t your pelvis small! Oh, and isn’t the baby’s head big!”. Gee, thanks!

It turned out that I had not inherited the curvature of the spine from my mother and was told by the consultant that I was perfectly capable of giving birth naturally.

It was like a punch to the stomach.

I was happy with my baby coming out of the sun roof. I hadn’t signed up for a vaginal birth!

Now I was terrified. I’d seen the programmes, I’d heard the horror stories and now I had to face the reality that I had to ravage my body to allow this baby to escape!

As you can probably tell from the number of exclamation marks, I was a little panicked. I think that is how a lot of women feel about the thought of giving birth, and not just women.

At this point in my pregnancy my husband and I sat down and discussed what would happen at the birth. We decided that it would not be good for him to be there as he didn’t want to see me in pain and not be able to help.

It was around this time that I saw a hypnobirthing mother give birth on telly. It was a complete revelation. I had no idea what I was watching at the time, I just saw a lady in a hospital chair, doing some strange breathing and POP a baby came out. It totally blew me away, I’d never seen anything like it, and I wanted to know more. I found a teacher, booked a class and dragged my poor hubby with me for a weekend retreat.

It sounds like a complete cliche but that weekend changed my life.

We learned so much in those two days about how the body works (and considering I did a degree which included physiology I did not expect that!), how birth works, the hormones, how the environment affects us, how language matters. It changed our perspective and we came away excited about the prospect of birth. We felt confident that we could do this thing. . . .together.

That was the start of our hypnobirthing journey.. . . to start yours come to http://www.birthright-hypnobirthing.co.uk

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