Hypnobirth? But I had a caesarean?

One of the biggest misconceptions about Hypnobirthing is that:

"If you use Hypnobirthing you have to have a drug free, natural birth".

When using KGHypnobirthing many mums DO have drug free, natural births, but some do not. Some mums have inductions, some have forceps or ventouse, some have planned caesarean births and others have emergency caesareans. And they are STILL HYPNOBIRTHING BIRTHS.

What?! REALLY?


Lets rewind a little. First of all Hypnobirthing isn’t a ‘thing’. We don’t have a hypnobirth when we have our baby/babies. What we do is we use Hypnobirthing techniques for the birth of our baby. This might seem to be the same thing, but let me clarify. If we think of a Hypnobirthing birth to be a particular type of birth then we immediately eliminate any birth that doesn’t fit into that category. For example, natural, drug free birth. However, if we take Hypnobirthing to be a tool box of techniques and recourses then we can use THAT in ANY birth.

With KGHypnobirthing we strive to give all parents the tools to be able to deal with whatever occurs on their birthing journey. Most parents aim to have a straight forward birth, and we help them to prepare for that. BUT some journeys change path, sometimes during pregnancy, sometimes during the birth, and we help them to prepare for that too.

So, does Hypnobirthing mean you will have a drug free natural birth? Not necessarily, but you will have the tools to prepare for one. What does occur with a huge number of KGH parents is that they do have a birth where they felt in control, calm, comfortable, positive and, most importantly, right for them!

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