Hypnobirthing...I can't afford that!!!

If someone offered you a elixir that guaranteed you an easy, comfortable birth, no recovery time, a calm baby and a happy start to parenting life what would you pay for it?

That potion would be priceless right? Companies would be bottling it and selling it for a fortune!

KGHypnobirthing is not a magical elixir, but it can provide the tools to have a calm, comfortable birth, with little recovery time, a calm baby and a happy start to parenting life. It doesn’t guarantee any of these things, but it always makes a difference.

My own journey with this topic started when I was pregnant for the first time 14 years ago. I was a supply teacher at the time, self employed, so effectively when I had my baby I would have no money coming in. We needed to save everything we could when I stopped work. We sold lots of things, got our essentials second hand, had some great hand-me-downs from a good friend who had had babies a few years before us.

While painting the living room of our house (we were moving and we were sprucing everything up) I had Discovery Health on in the background. I was a birth junkie, watching all the horror shows, this was in the days before OBEM!

Between two horror shows there was a short film, it can’t have been more than 10 minutes long. There was a lady who had had two horrible births and was determined to have a different experience this time. I was only half watching, but she seemed to be doing this weird breathing, in a hospital chair, with earphone on. . .. .and POP. . . .out came a baby!!

I was stunned! I couldn’t rewind the programme (we take so much for granted now eh?!). They had mentioned something about Hypnobirthing so I ran up to my desktop and cranked up the internet. I did a Google search and most of what I found was American. I found a ‘local’ teacher. . .she lived in Devon (we lived in Bristol at the time). She was so expensive, nearly £300, and we had the added cost of travelling and we needed to find accommodation. We didn’t have that sort of money.

When I spoke to my husband and explained what I’d seen on the show he said, “Let’s do it.” We were both terrified of birth. I had been expecting to have a caesarean section all my life, and had been told a few weeks before this that I could have a natural birth. This was NOT good news in my book. Stuart and I had decided that he wouldn’t be at the birth because he couldn’t stand the thought of me being in pain and not being able to do anything to help.

We went to the course totally sceptical, not knowing what to expect at all. Two days later we came out different people. Our perceptions had been turned on their heads (not a pendulum or eyeliner in sight!). We came out excited for the birth of our first baby, and couldn’t wait to try what we’d learned.

My birth story is another blog, but what I can say is that our Hypnobirthing training was the best money we’ve ever spent. Not only did we learn about the physiology of birth so we knew what was happening in my body, so I could work WITH it rather than against it, but we learned about our options and how to work with the NHS system.

We had very straight forward births, that were calm, comfortable and we had chilled out babies. But that is one story.

I have taught hundreds of parents-to-be over the last 13 years and something that I hear over and over again is how Hypnobirthing has helped parents feel in control of their birthing experience.

Many have births similar to mine, but lots don’t. I have mums who opt for a caesarean birth, who decide that induction is right for them, have unplanned caesareans, have help in the form of forceps or ventouse, some have idyllic home births, some have heavily medicated hospital births, but the stories are still positive. They felt in control of the experience, they were calm, knowing their options led to choice, and having the birth that was right for them.

So, KGHypnobirthing is not a magic wand, or elixir, but it does mean that you are more likely to have a positive experience while giving birth. If you have a positive birthing experience then you are able to recover quicker, and this can have a long term effect on how you feel as a parent.

What price would you put on that?

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