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Looking for courses to help prepare for birth?

You may be baffled as there are so many out there. So let me just outline some of the benefits for you of coming to Birth Right Hypnobirthing classes.

Peace of Mind.

So many of us worry about birth; what will it be like? Will it be as scary as it is on telly? Everyone has a horror story to share!

In BRH classes I show you what is happening in your body during pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond so that you understand how the body works. This gives us peace of mind that our bodies CAN do this.


When you come to a BRH class you have 12 hours of contact with me, as your teacher. BUT, between classes and once you have completed the course you get as much (or little) support as you want. That could be asking questions, wanting information about particular situations, reassurance, etc and that continues until you no longer need/want it.


The course that you receive with Birth Right Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal education. It covers all areas of birth preparation and also early days of parenthood. Many people ask if they need to do other courses as they think that hypnobirthing only covers the relaxation part of birth, but the answer is NO, you do not need any other courses. From feedback from parents that I have taught, if you want to make lots of friends then go to other courses (my classes are deliberately small) but if you want birth preparation come to Birth Right Hypnobirthing.

Fear Release.

Many of us get pregnant and then realise we've got to get this baby, or babies out, and then get really scared about that idea! Most of us have grown up with images and stories of birth which are, in a nutshell, terrifying! I was so certain I wanted a Cesarean for my first birth because I was SO scared to give birth. Using hypnotherapy techniques, that have been used across all areas of medicine for decades, we release the fears that many of us have about birth.

Whether you have specific fears or not, building confidence is central to my course. Confidence in your body's ability to birth; knowing your choices and options so you feel confident about the sort of birth you want to have; and increasing your confidence to work with your caregivers within the system we have in the UK today.

If you're looking for a course to help you have the birth that is best for you, get in touch or head to my website www.birthright-hypnobirthing. See how other parents have used the course to have a whole range of different births, but ultimately a positive birth.

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