Super Moon Baby - Luna


I thoroughly enjoyed reading through other people's stories when I looked into Hypnobirthing, so this is my thank you to Nancy, my story and my love for hypnobirthing.

So I'll start off by saying I was rubbish at the homework. Moving house twice, 6 year old twins and life just got in the way. I did, however, follow a few things on Facebook and would read positive birth affirmations all throughout the day. Nancy would come to our home and take us through tons of interesting facts and practice the techniques. It was fun and informative. The other half sat with us and had a few glasses of wine and thoroughly enjoyed the girly chat.

So the juicy bit - The day before my due date arrived 12/11 I was determined. 

I read in a birthing story about a lady having a gin and tonic when she started labour. This sounded so posh that I wanted to do it too, I'm such a simple creature, monkey see monkey do. I was told that champagne has oxytocin in, the "good stuff". So we drank champagne (half a watered down glass because I don't really like it) attempted sex, had a good old giggle and some food. It was a really lovely night. The next day I went to go and watch my brother in the remembrance parade and did a fair bit of walking. I got back home and there staring at me when I went to the loo was, my show. 

Now I didn't have this with the twins and it looked like the gunk from the beginning of your period so I was worried and rang the hospital. 

"Everything was normal, that was your show! "

Things started progressing and I was bouncing on my ball living the dream. Doing my breathing and thinking " I can do this, piece of piss". My surges began to heighten so I rang the midwifery unit again and they said to come in "slowly". It's my second and chances are things would progress tonight. So we rock up, pretty chilled, and I'm breathing and rocking, I'm doing soo well I'm thinking to myself. "Cervix closed, posterior, can take up to two weeks after your show, the surges you are feeling is baby trying to move herself from being in your back" sad face. 

I was advised to go home have a bath and watch a sad film. Fast forward to about 3/4 hours later when I am face first into my pillow breathing and grunting. Swaying my bum from side to side. Surging every time I moved back to the hospital we go.

We arrive and I needed gas and air for some relief there's no shame. 

1 cm dilated I'm not allowed gas and air and have to go and wait on the recovery ward for some thing to happen.......I was allowed something to try and get some rest.

Ben was playing with my hair and I managed about 3 minutes of breathing and calming down. When she came back in and gave me my injections of pain relief and anti sickness i had a few surges close together straight after, stood up, leant over the side of the bed and swayed and my waters broke. All over my shoes. Ben freaked out. Started pressing all the buttons and I had this wave of calm from my head to my toes. We were going in the right direction. The midwife came in and said we could go back up stairs now to the birthing pool and the pretty lights. I took one step and my whole body started to push it was a feeling like no other, a drawing feeling that was completely spontaneous. It was fantastic. She called for a delivery pack and shouted "wasn't expecting a delivery down here tonight" in a kind of quirky Hagrid way. I managed to get the other side of the bed and squatted on the floor. Ben grabbed for my hand and I closed my eyes and kept grunting the whole time thinking "my body knows what it's doing" at one point I thought if she does get stuck thought this would be strange to waddle with a baby sticking out to surgery😂

The midwife was brilliant she knew we were hypnobirthing and guided me all the way. I remember it getting to the point where she said "you can breathe your baby down now" and I thought "shit I can't remember what I'm meant to do" so I just kept breathing and gave a little push. Thinking this would probably work haha. Then she was out. It took around 5 minutes from waters breaking to her being squatted out on the floor. I was elated, my body had no idea what was going on. But all I could do was smile. I held her for around 30 minutes whilst we waited for the placenta who was stubborn, we had the injection for that. Cut the cord when it had stopped pulsing which was something on my list and I didn't need stitches which was wonderful, a credit to my midwife and hypnobirthing and probably luck!

Welcome to the world Luna 8lb 9oz 

1.45am 14/11/2016 (1hr 45mins "late" haha)

I think you should know hypnobirthing is about the technique but also about teaching you your options and the one thing that still resonates, because it shouldn't have been a shock is "pregnancy isn't an illness" birthing people should work with you and you have power and choices, it makes things a lot less scary.

The breathing techniques were a god send, coupled with the affirmations and the extensive new knowledge it was the most fantastic experience I will ever know. Earthly and feminine and beautiful. I never thought I would have a non medical birth, I didn't think I would be able to do it.

The pain was still there but the knowledge and the techniques made it hazy. I truly believe knowledge is power and that's what you get with hypnobirthing. I feel like I am part of a new revolution, but the truth is we have always been the revolution and we just need to remember it and go primal.

That would make a good t-shirt "Primal Pregnancy"

So that's my story. I hope someone reads it and drinks the champagne.